Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira



SIRA Bilingual School Complex is the very first nursery, primary, entrepreneurial, and internationalizing school in Cameroon. We want to give your children, these leaders of tomorrow, all the necessary assets to be competitive and face the challenges of the 21st century.
We understand that there are no chances, thus, from early childhood, we sow in our young pupils the seeds of excellence.

Why choose SIRA?

SIRA is more than a school it is an ideology; It is the conviction that the Cameroon we all dream of depends on the training and education we give to our children, these leaders of tomorrow.
SIRA is his/her guarantee of success. Indeed, we are so confident in the quality of our training that we guarantee that if your child has completed his/her entire primary course at SIRA he will pass his FSLC otherwise we will admit him/her free of charge the following year.
SIRA is also 3 sections: Francophone section, Anglophone section, and a Perfect bilingual section.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Our services

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Our well-equipped, airy, and spacious day-care welcomes babies from 3months old to 2years. Two maternal ladies at your service to make sure your baby is well-taken care of. Opening hours are as from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


A perfect bilingual nursery section with airy classrooms having two teachers per class (an English teacher and a French teacher). We admit kids from 2 years old to 4 years. Opening hours are as from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


Our primary incorporates 3 sections (Anglo Saxon sub system of education, the French sub system of education, and a perfectly bilingual system of education). We admit class 1 (SIL) pupils with regards to their birth certificate; as from classes 2 (CP) to 6 (CM2), the new pupils undergo an evaluation on language and arithmetic to get admitted.
Our bilingual section has 2 teachers per class (an English teacher and a French teacher)
Opening hours run from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Transportation service

We want to offer as many children as possible the opportunity for training and education following the concept of a conscious and international entrepreneurial school. This is how we provide a child transport service to parents who do not live near the school.
Our bus fleet allows us to cover a good part of the city of Douala at very competitive rates. By opting for the transportation service, parents are assured of their child’s safety from home to school and back again.

About us

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Our foundations

Youth is the spearhead of the nation. To build a united, rich, and prosperous nation, these young people must be given adequate tools. This mainly involves training and education. Preschool and primary education constitute the foundation without which these leaders of tomorrow could not meet the ambitions of the state and the challenges posed by globalization. SIRA has set itself the objective of contributing to the construction of this foundation necessary for the development and fulfillment of these young citizens. We pursue excellence. We want, through rigorous and meticulously developed academic and civic training, to ensure that every young person who passes through SIRA is a worthy and exemplary citizen. We make sure to instill in our young people not only knowledge but also know-how and interpersonal skills. We will have achieved our goal when our pupils are recognized for their gestures and actions. Our dream is to hear the other say because of a remarkable achievement: “He/she’s a child of SIRA!” “.

We believe in the genius of human creation.
We understand that our role is to provide our children with a platform for them to express themselves adequately and believe in their endless possibilities.
Their achievement will be our greatest reward.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

The administration

The administration of Sira is made up of, on one hand, young and dynamic administrators who, after having studied and worked abroad, have decided to return to the country bringing with them the best of their education and experience in the interest of our children. Those who have been to SIRA in the past two years know their electrifying energy and have had a taste of their innovations. And that’s just the beginning because the best is yet to come. They have a vision for our country, a plan for our school, and the will to implement it.
We are constantly on the lookout for ideas and innovation; is there is one that flashes your mind? we want to know it.

On the other hand, it is composed of a team of leaders experienced in the task.
First parents, then teachers and to top it off a leader. It’s no accident that they’re on the management team. We have seen each of them at work in a classroom. We have seen how they supervise children, how they collaborate with parents and their colleagues. From all of this, one thing stands out: They want the best for your children, our children, and they are determined to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

And finally, a qualified and motivated staff
We trust them because each of them is chosen following a rigorous selection process that includes: a written test, a practical test, and an interview. We know you want the best for your children and we understand that only qualified and motivated teachers can bring out the best in them. Our results year after year are palpable proof of their commitment to success.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Our approach

At SIRA we understand the central role we play in the future of the children entrusted to us and in the future of our nation in particular and the whole world in general. This is how we resolved not to leave any part of their training to chance.

Indeed, we went there in a scientific way of developing our teaching approach; we have observed the children in their growth and their natural learning behavior. This allowed us to arrive at a 4-step training approach depending on the age of the child:

Stage 1: from 2 to 4 years old (nursery )
Develop in children the ability to concentrate

Stage 2: from 5 to 8 years old (primary level 1)
Develop in children curiosity and a taste for knowledge

Stage 3: from 8 to 10 years old (primary level 2)
Develop reasoning and logic in children

Stage 4: from 10 to 12 years old (primary level 3)
Develop in children a taste for initiative and critical thinking

In addition to these 4 fundamental objectives, we work to instill in each of our child learners 3 fundamental values:

The sense of the common good
Love for work and a job well done

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


We believe that entrepreneurship is one of the key skills needed to ensure the success of our children in this dynamic and interconnected economy of the 21st century and to enable our country to face the challenges of globalization. It is in this perspective and in our objective to train the leaders of tomorrow, that we have established a partnership with “La Comission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeois” of Montreal / Canada to bring to Cameroon the concept of a conscious and entrepreneurial school.
The conscious and internationalizing entrepreneurial approach aims, among other things, to enable students:

to identify areas that interest them;
to know their potential;
to innovate;
to act positively on their environment;
to become aware of their contribution to the community;
to live a rewarding experience;
increase their confidence;
to gain important advantages for the future.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira


At SIRA we want to train children who stand out not only for their skills but also for their attitude. This is how we, through social clubs, introduced extracurricular and extracurricular activities into our school calendar. These activities, which are both fun and enriching, are intended to offer our children an additional source of awakening and fulfillment.

The workshops of these social clubs allow, among other things:
• to create different links both between pupils and between pupils and teachers;
• to take a different look at certain students;
• to propose remediation strategies in a different framework;
• to develop concentration, logic, strategies, language by proposing situations that promote speaking;
• to develop children’s sensorimotor skills;
• to learn skills in another way;
• to develop the spirit of initiative and enterprise
The activities are led by dynamic teachers and external professionals. Among our social clubs we can mention:
• Fanfare club
• Sports club (football, athletics, gymnastics, karate, etc.)
• Dance club
• Theater Arts club
• Educational club
• Music
• Debate club
• Circus club
• Health and environment club

Our proven approach guarantees success
More than a school, an ideology
We also polish their other talents
An ideal geographical location
From home to school in total serenity
Easy to discuss with us for possibilities

What our Parents say

Our activity

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Samedis Cin’Éducatif

Samedis Cin’Éducatif is a termly invitation to watch a carefully selected educational movie, in one of the city’s renowned movie theaters. The screenings are followed by a discussion and various activities with the children to ensure that they understand the message of the film and have learned the main lessons. The goal is to get children to have a critical eye and an analytical mind every time they watch a movie, even at home.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

SIRA vert

SIRA vert, celebrated every first Friday of March, has a threefold objective: to educate the Siralian youth about the importance of the environment and reafforestation, to know the consequences of deforestation and to develop instill in them the love of nature.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Golden voice

SIRA GOLDEN VOICE is an annual competition aimed at detecting the best voice in SIRA. The winner is then entrusted to a team of professionals who prepare him/her to record at least one song in a chosen musical studio. The goal through this exercise, along with social clubs, is to make children realize that they can value their talent and that they can do it while going to school.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Our Humanitarian action

SIRA CŒUR SUR LA MAIN is the annual humanitarian action around which the entire Siralian family, pupils, parents, teachers, administrators come together to teach our children that we are never happy on our own; we have a responsibility to look out after the well-being of our brothers and sisters. It usually takes place during the Youth Week and consists of organizing fundraising to help those in need.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Reading time

Reading is the basis of learning. “A child who reads will be an adult who thinks,” they say. It is following these fundamental precepts that we at SIRA make a point of honor on reading. Beyond the official reading program, we set aside 1 hour every Wednesday for an animated reading session with the fables of Aesop as support. By this, we want to, not only cultivate in children a love of reading but also to make them benefit from the wisdom of fables.

Groupe scolaire Bilingue Sira

Social clubs

At SIRA we want to train children who stand out as much for their skills as their attitude. This led us to introduced social clubs. Every Friday afternoon, children are therefore invited according to their passion or their talent to join one of the many clubs (arts and crafts, theatre arts, circus, journalism, IT, dance, etc.). In addition to promoting innate talents, social clubs develop in children an entrepreneurial spirit and transversal skills useful for their academic success and their development in working life.

Our blog

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Internships and international exchanges

As the whole world has become a global village, we are becoming more aware of the importance of opening our children’s minds to the diversity, richness, and complexity of a globalized world. It is in this perspective that SIRA has developed a partnership with the Notre-Dame des Rapides primary school, a member of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board and that it opens its doors each year to passionate educators from various backgrounds who want to share their experience and participate in preparing a stronger Cameroonian succession.

To participate in our internship and international exchange program, you must submit your candidacy by sending us the following documents:


A cover letter

Your CV

Proof of your linguistic competence (French or English)

Our team



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